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November 23, 2020

Dear family members and friends:

This is not the news that I would like to be sharing as we start the holiday season, but unfortunately with the dramatic increase in community spread of COVID-19, we are pausing our Indoor Visitation Policy effective immediately.

We know this is difficult for you and our residents, but our number one priority is their safety.


Vergennes Residential Care’s Visitation Plan

  • Indoor visitation will pause on November 23, 2020.

  • Compassionate care visits for Hospice residents may be allowed depending on the situation, please talk with Diane or Andrea for specifics.

  • We will work with you to arrange video visits, either via Zoom or Facetime. Contact Diane or Andrea at 877-3562 to arrange this.

  • Outdoor visitation is allowed, and will still follow similar requirements:

    • Weather dependent, you may schedule visits on our porch.

    • Please continue to call 877-3562 to schedule visits.

    • Visits will be offered in 30-minute increments (weather permitting)

    • When you arrive at the scheduled time, call the building, or ring the doorbell, you will be screened by staff.

    • Unscheduled visits will not be allowed.


  • If you wish to have an outdoor visit, both residents and visitors must demonstrate a willingness and ability to comply with our infection control guidelines and visitation rules. Visitation rules include:

    • Mandatory face mask use

    • Mandatory use of hand sanitizer

    • No physical contact permitted; physical distance must be kept at 6’

    • Maximum of 2 visitors per visit

    • Maximum 1 visit per resident per day

    • No bathroom availability for visitors

    • No food or drink for visitors

    • No passing of items between resident and visitor

    • No pets within the designated visitation area

    • Visitors will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 prior to the visit

    • State of Vermont quarantine guidance regarding travel risk will be followed.

      • If you are traveling from outside of Vermont, a 14-day quarantine must be completed prior to any authorized visits.

  • Staff will be prepared to immediately end a visit if the visitor demonstrates an unwillingness or inability to comply with infection control core principles or visitation rules.

Additionally, we have been asked what the policy is for residents who leave the building to attend family holiday events. Following State guidance, if a resident leaves the building for anything other than a medically necessary appointment, they will be required to quarantine in their room for 14 days upon return. If they have a roommate, their roommate will also be required to quarantine for the same 14 days.

We do have some good news to share, the State of Vermont is preparing us to be ready for vaccination of both staff and residents as early as December. As with the Influenza vaccine, residents or their guardian will need to give consent, which we will contact you for. We will share more details as we get them.

While you cannot be with your loved one this holiday season, think about sharing some family traditions in other ways such as:

  • Dropping off a favorite family food item for them to enjoy

  • Sending them cards, letters, or drawings from young family members

  • Dropping off a care package with items you think they will enjoy

  • Schedule a video call with them

We will notify you again once we are able to resume Indoor visits. As always, we appreciate your support and cooperation during these uncertain times. If you have any questions please feel free to call any of us at 802-877-3562, or you can reach me directly at 802-578-2238 or by email at




Rebecca Hassan


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