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Welcome to Vergennes Residential Care!

We have been in operation for nearly fifty years, providing quality and affordable care and services to Vergennes areas seniors. 

How to Become a Resident

  1. Contact our Nurse Administrator at (802) 877-3562 to arrange for an appointment and tour

  2. Complete our Application for Residency packet, which includes Financial and Medical Information forms

  3. Complete and submit the Release for Medical Information Form to your physician(s)

  4. Schedule an appointment for a medical assessment with our Nurse Administrator

  5. Review our Residency Agreement and Resident Handbook and write down any questions

  6. Upon financial and medical approval, set up an appointment to sign Residency Agreements

  7. Residents eligible to participate in Vermont's Enhanced Residential Care / Medicaid waiver program will apply during this time. We can assist with this process. 

How to Become a Resident
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